Introducing... Holy Death Trio

Our debut #1 album is out now.

“It’s not often that a debut album makes this sort of impact but Holy Death Trio have
set themselves up to be stratospheric.”
Musipedia of Metal (UK)

"This album is a concentrate of energy. No song is boring, on the contrary each one renews the pleasure. Each song is a classic stoner surprise. Addictive album!"

.. Breathing life back into that heavy blues/stoner rock style, Holy Death Trio fuses the likes of early Rush, Black Sabbath, and Fu Manchu in the heart of the Texas.

Metal Injection
Custom Guitar Picks by Steve Clayton, Inc

Custom Guitar Picks by Steve Clayton, Inc

We have been using Steve Clayton picks for the last 3 years and they are the only guitar pick we will use live.

Visit us at the merch booth and pick up one of our custom picks.

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